artificial intelligence

  • Sztuczna inteligencja a teorie domyślania Historia i wybrane podejścia do sztucznej inteligencji

    Artificial intelligence and default theories

    Formal logic has been an important part of development of artificial intelligence (AI) research for almost sixty years, but its role has always been controversial. In the article an overview of the role of logic in artificial intelligence has been presented. The article showed mainly two possible applications of logic in AI: as a knowledge representation formalism and method of reasoning, and as a tool in computer science. The paper analyzed each of these and also investigated both the problems as well as the perspectives for the successful application of logic.

  • The Role of the Ethical Underpinnings of International Humanitarian Law in the Age of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

    This paper presents selected conclusions related to the theoretical underpinnings of international humanitarian law, with special focus on the understanding of considerations of humanity and the dictates of public conscience (the Martens clause) and their impact on the regulation of lethal autonomous weapons systems. Despite the fact that different positions can be found in the doctrine, it is argued herein that the general principles of international humanitarian law are not sufficient to properly regulate the disruptive military technologies (new means and methods of warfare) and a new international norm is needed. Consequently, the paper agglomerates extra-legal and cross-cutting arguments stemming from other normative regimes that point to prioritization of the value of human life and the role and quality of the human factor in decision-making procedures relating to the health and life of victims of modern armed conflicts, which should be incorporated in it.

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