Great Terror

Bolshojj terror v Checheno-Ingushetii «Kontrrevoljucionnaja dejatelnost» vospitannika sovetskojj sistemy Khasi Vakhaeva

Author: Vakhit Kh. Akaev
Institution: Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic, Russia
Year of publication: 2017
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Pages: 129-144
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PDF: npw/14/npw2017307.pdf

The Great Terror – mass repression unleashed by Stalin against the Soviet people, the brightest and most educated of its representatives. In regions of the country, including in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR this political and physical terror has acquired its local peculiarities. Under Stalin’s doctrine of Soviet Union’s progress towards socialism resistance of the class enemy inevitably had to grow. For decisive destruction of this resistance, in accordance with the order of the NKVD numer 00447, troika’s were created. These troika’s were personally responsible for the inhumane mass repression – killings and directions to the Gulag camps of hundreds of thousands of people. This situation had its own local peculiarities in the CHIASSR, and they are clearly visible in the work and the tragic fate of the pupil of the Soviet system, the second person in the party hierarchy of this Soviet autonomy – Hasy Vahaev.

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