historical prose

Istoricheskaja proza Ammiana fon Beka Literaturno-kriticheskijj ocherk

Author: Georgijj N. KHlypenko
Year of publication: 2014
Source: Show
Pages: 255-280
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw20114
PDF: npw/06/npw2014114.pdf

Ammian von Beck is a literary pseudonym of Kyrgyz scientist and linguist, Doctor of Philology Sciences, famous Russian-language writer proven as a historical novelist, Professor Bekbalaev Amangeldi Abdyjaparovich. The article analyzes the historical prose by A. von Beck consisting of three novels: “The road of a thousand miles, or Legend of the Dungan people”, “Hayreddin Barbarossa – a legendary Ottoman Admiral” and “Huns”. The historical content of works, the relationship between historical truth and artistic fiction and artistic originality of the narrative form is revealed in his works. Treatment to the national origins of the Kyrgyz people as a Turkic ethnic group is set as a goal orientation of the historical romance philology. Ethnographic realism is an artistic level of creative method chosen by the author. It concludes that historical prose of A. von Beck, being a significant achievement of modern Kyrgyz literature, will find a wide range of Russian-speaking readers.

Концепция истории и формы её отражения в творчестве Марка Алданова

Author: Ф.C. Наджиева
Institution: Бакинский славянский университет
Year of publication: 2018
Source: Show
Pages: 229-243
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/ksm201812
PDF: ksm/23/ksm201812.pdf

The article devoted to an examination of the concept of history and the forms of its reflection in the historical events in creation of the first wave of Russian emigration Mark Aldanov, who left Russia after October Revolution in 1917. The article focuses on writer’s creation of various genre forms on a historical theme. These are artistic and journalistic essays, literary portraits, essays and fiction: tales, stories, novels and his philosophical tractate “Ulm night”, written in the form of dialogue. The audit reveals poetics of historical prose, feature of creative manner, singularity coverage of historical facts, conception of M. Aldanov’s history.

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