• The Political Leadership Section of the Polish Political Science Association: Origins and Activity

    One of the most important aspects of academic life is cooperation between researchers from different centres. Different levels of experience, approaches and paradigms enable researchers to observe the complete image of categories. The Political Leadership Section of the Polish Political Science Association has been formed during the Second Nationwide Congress of Political Science in Poznań (2012). The Association’s Board has established it on February 7, 2013. Since that day the section integrates scholars from different universities interested in issues of political leadership, it supports development of this research field in Poland, it collects published monographs, editions and papers relevant to this field and it coordinates development of teaching standards in education on political leadership. The section’s activity and its role in Polish academic community proves that this topic has become a significant aspect of social sciences in the country. 

  • International Visitor Leadership Program

    In spring 2005 I received an invitation from the US Department of State to visit the USA. Under an international research project International Visitor Leadership Program I took part in more than 70 different appointments, panel discussions, conferences and lectures. My stay was an individual and open one which means that it was arranged for a single person and several months in advance I was able to indicate the towns, universities and institutions I would like to visit and name the persons I would like to meet. The stay was also arranged in a way that provided me with an opportunity to become well acquainted with the United States both through the perspective of US cities (such as New York, Boston and Seattle), middle-sized towns (e.g. Buff alo and Indianapolis) and US provinces. The differences are by no means trivial both with respect to sizes and infrastructure as well as cultural and moral aspects. Diff erences may also be observed when comparing the East and West Coast. The complete itinerary of my visit included Washington – Hartford – Buffalo – Chicago – Indianapolis – Bloomington – Minneapolis – Seattle – Boston – New York.

  • Perspektywy przywództwa w Azji

    The author wonders at the problem of the leadership in the present Asia, which is the region of the economic growth and the area doesn’t affected by the crisis. At the present four countries aspire to the leadership in Asia: India, Japan, China and United States. The author presents reasoning that the present China is the nearest to the leaderships in the Asia. China tries to push out the USA from the Asia and addict the United States by its economic policy and the ransom of indebted papers. At the present the America is in debt on approx. 17 bln USD., and 7% of this debt has at Chinese. In the India it came to slow down of the economic development and in the Japan after the period of the stagnation, it just slowly comes in on the path of the economic development.

  • Przywództwo w Eurazjatyckiej Unii Gospodarczej

    Leadership in the Eurasian Economic Union

    Paper Leadership in the Eurasian Economic Union is an attempt to analyse and discuss the subject of leadership in a given organization. The author, initially, thinks about the definition of leadership, then characterizes organization. Subsequently, there is an analysis of who may have a real impact on the shape and policy of EAEU – the structure of the union, presidents of member countries, prime ministers or also the so-called gray eminences such as Professor Dugin.

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