• Mechanizm rozwoju społeczeństwa obywatelskiego na Ukrainie – propozycja partycypacji budżetowej

    In my article I suggest two models of social participation which can positively influence on the process of building the civil society in Ukraine, especially in the area of local government. I want to consider two types of the participatory budgeting, first comes from Porto Allegre in Brazil and the second one from Lodz in Poland. The first model, 27 years old, is the example of representative democracy and is characterized by hierarchical structure. On the other hand, we have different model which is the representative of participatory democracy without any gradation. In this area of research I’m going to choice the best proposition which fit in the process of political transition on Ukraine.

  • Media społecznościowe w procesie budowy społeczeństwa obywatelskiego Lublina

    Social media in the process of building civil society in Lublin
    Abstract: Implementation of the policy of participatory management of the city includes the active involvement of citizens in the processes of co-decision. The involvement of the residents in the policy of urban space development gains more and more recognition among the local authority regulating the rules of cooperation with the citizens in the local and national law. Implementation of new communication tools is a response to social needs, as results of social needs and made them used by the residents. Natural stage communication process has to incorporate social media into a dialogue with the residents.
    Below I present an analysis of social media and the role they play a in the process of building civil society Lublin. In this article I will present the media used by the City of Lublin in communicating with residents, the role of social media in this process and the level of social involvement in the communication process with the use of Facebook.
    Looking at the city as a place for the realisation of the residents’ needs, one cannot overlook the instruments for their implementation. Every city builds its own code of activity. The success of the residents in the realisation of their projects equals the success of the authorities in the implementation of the participatory city management policy.

  • Budżet obywatelski instrumentem rozwoju kapitału społecznego

    Artykuł jest analizą roli budżetu partycypacyjnego w procesie partycypacji społecznej. Przedstawione trzy modele jego funkcjonowania prezentują różny ich wpływ na jakość kapitału społecznego, czyli cechy społeczeństwa objawiające się wysokim poziomem zaufania, współpracy oraz więzi społecznych między obywatelami. W celu przeprowadzenia analizy zostanie zastosowana koncepcja kapitału społecznego i wspólnot obywatelskich Roberta Putnama.

  • Between Legitimization and Deliberation. Participatory Budget in Dąbrowa Górnicza

    Even though participatory budgets have rather short history in Poland criticism of its unwanted side effects have pushed some municipal authorities towards quick reforms of their initial visions. Most of them have decided just for small adjustments, but some have tried to be innovative and have reformed the whole mechanism. In this article, author attempts to take a closer look at consequences that accompany changes aimed at more quality of the whole procedure. The article aims to examine how more deliberation affects legitimization of participatory budgets. It is also an attempt to find out whether it brings expected outcomes within quality and profile of selected projects. Finally, we may learn here how people deal with more advance procedures. The analysis should serve anyone who is willing to search for new solutions among direct democracy tools in Poland.

  • The Self-government Constitutes an Essential Element of the Civil Security in Polish Political Thought after 1989

    The article analyses the Polish political thought after 1989 concerning the local self-government. Attention was drawn to various currents of the Polish political thought, such as liberalism, conservatism, the teaching of the Church, social democracy or nationalism. Particular attention was paid to the role of the self-government in building civil society and to the forms of citizen participation. According to the main hypothesis, the activity of the local self-government is generally accepted. The self-government is an important element of political projects and is considered an important element of civil security and plays an important role in building the civil society. The thought of Charles Taylor “the atrophy of the self-government constitutes a danger for the stability of the liberal society and in the consequence for the freedom protected by it” suited undoubtedly the liberals and the representatives of other political trends

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