practices of the body

  • Futerał, wehikuł, biokombinezon . Ciało jako (re)prezentacja tożsamości w narracjach uczestników wybranych grup religijnych

    The submitted paper focuses on the issue of corporeality, strictly spoken on the conjunction of an individual’s physical body with its bearer’s personal identity – examined within the context of the affiliation to religious groups. The attempt to find an answer to the basic issue of „Who am I” is not restricted to the nontangible realm of the human psyche, but is conditioned by the materiality of the human body as well and therewith extends into the world of physical appearances. Man’s material body is the place where the biological processes of life manifest themselves, with our sensory organs we experience the world’s physical reality. The possession of a physical body allows for religious activity. The human body turns into an object of special care and attention. Medical conditions in particular emphasize the human corporeality, especially when associated with pain experience. Similarly the consumption of psychotropic substances which provoke changes of consciousness, causes an enhanced bodyawareness. The strong correlation between personal identity and the body finds its expression in the parameter of a deeply experienced cohesive identity.

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