• The Process of Social Reintegration of Convicts on the Background of World Penitentiary System. The Analytical and Synthetic Outline of the Issue

    The following text shortly outlines some basics terms and difficulties connected with social rehabilitation term of some people who had a staying in the prison; beginning from the short explanation of the term, through highlighting the characteristic of reintegration process, to main problems which a person has when comes back to the society and also some ways of solving them. 

  • Deportacija chechenskogo naroda: chto ehto bylo i mozhno li ehto zabyt? (K 70-letiju deportacii chechenskogo i ingushskogo narodov)

    The article analyzes some historical aspects of the deportation of the Chechen people 23 February 1944. Reveals the absurdity of the law , the state decisions on the deportation of the Chechens , using previously unknown archival documents, reveals the failure of the charges brought against them by the Stalinist totalitarian regime. The questions Khrushchev criticism of the personality cult of Stalin at the Twentieth Party Congress, a long and complicated process of rehabilitation of repressed peoples, including Chechens.

    Reasoned criticism subjected to allegations of certain Russian authors, contrary to elementary logic, trying to justify the crimes of the Stalin–Beria’s regime, to prove the validity of the deportation of people. It is suggested that a scientific approach to the past, tragic repression involves accurate, objective approach, overcoming political situation, reproduction in the public consciousness, studies the ideology of Stalinism. This will strengthen inter-ethnic harmony in Russia, which is very important and necessary for a civilized community.

  • Co polacy mają wspólnego z „Milczeniem Owiec”? „Bestie” na wolności a ich „Uczłowieczenie”. Zarys analityczno-syntetyczny problemu

    Convicted of dangerous (status “N”):

    1) Subjective criteria. The embedded person is identified as a “N”, whose behawior at the offence, personal conditions, the type and size of the negative consequences of crime, motivations, the way of proceeding during the stay in prison, the degree of demoralization carry important social threat or serious danger to the plant.

    2) Subject criteria, referring to the type of crime committed by the embedded person (crime with particular cruelty or use of firearms). The list of offenses is open.

    The status “N” can also be obtained for especially reprehensible behavior during previous imprisonment. The list of offenses is closed (he was the perpetrator of rape, grievous bodily harm, or abused inmates).

  • Tytuły profesorskie, habilitacje i doktoraty z zakresu edukacji wielo – i międzykulturowej uzyskane w 2017 roku w dyscyplinie pedagogika


  • „Znaczenie” adaptacji zawodowej w rehabilitacji osób z niepełnosprawnościami

    Human adaptation to the environment plays an important role in their careers and substantially affects its professional development. Adaptation consists of many factors that imply positive or negative conditions of a person’s professional work.
    The article is a theoretical outline of various possibilities for adapting people in the work environment on the basis of social sciences such as pedagogy, sociology, psychology.
    The article is a theoretical outline of various possibilities of adapting a man in the work environment on the basis of social sciences such as pedagogy, sociology, psychology. The development of the topic is the analysis of the usefulness of selected theories of professional adaptation for special pedagogy in the functioning of people with disabilities. Complementing this analysis is pointing to various barriers to adaptation to the working environment of the disabled. Conclusions include, among others, strengthening of professional activation and social activation of people with disabilities.

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