• Wczesnośredniowieczne grody nad Chodelką i ich zaplecze osadnicze

    The article discusses issues related to four early mediaeval strongholds functioning in 8–12th c. in the valley of the Chodelka River. This river is the tributary of the Vistula River located in the west part of the Lublin region. The article discusses the characteristics of strongholds, surrounding settlements and mutual relationship between them.

  • Zaplecze osadnicze grodu w Grzybowie

    The article pertains to one of the most significant early-medieval strongholds in central Wielkopolska. At attempt has been made to present not only the most important conclusions on the discussed fortifications but also to analyse its colony backup facilities.

  • Władca i jego gród w Kronice Kosmasa i w przekazie kontynuatora jego kroniki, Kanonika Wyszehradzkiego

    The goal of this article is to show the narration contexts in which a medieval author set strongholds by referring to the following terms: oppidum, castrum or urbs, castellum, possibly civitas. I highlight the frequency with which selected medieval writers mentioned one centre or another. In the article I ponder a question if selected chroniclers’ narrations could indicate a regularity which helps to establish the function performed by a stronghold for the benefit of its ruler accounted most frequently.

  • Sharpening stones, beads, spindle whorls and other stone artefacts from an early-medieval stronghold in Grzybowo

    The article discusses the issue of stoneware in the time of the Grzybowo stronghold’s operations. Special emphasis has been placed on imports and contacts between the stronghold’s communities and various distant areas, ruled by the Piast dynasty and others.

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