Kulturnye i gumanitarnye aspekty v otnoshenijakh Rossii i Polshi

Author: Tatjana Nikolaevna Mozel
Institution: Diplomaticheskaja akademija MID Russia
Year of publication: 2017
Source: Show
Pages: 93-110
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PDF: npw/13/npw2017206.pdf

In Russian-Polish relations there were periods of improvement and deterioration, UPS and downs, due to both historical reasons and internal political changes and the influence of external factors. In these difficult political circumstances, the sphere of culture, education and science have always served as a reserve and a platform for maintaining contacts between the two countries. Of special importance are regular meetings of experts in international Affairs to discuss topical and theoretical problems of world politics and bilateral relations between Russia and Poland.

Pre-school Education in Poland in the 20th Century as a Forgotten and Underestimated Source of Contemporary Trends and Pedagogical Inspirations

Author: Urszula Wróblewska
Institution: University of Białystok
Author: Magdalena Choińska-Kieżel
Institution: Private kindergarten “To Tu”
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 80-95
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PDF: kie/132/kie13206.pdf

The aim of the article is to show the stages of the development of pre-school education in Poland in the 20th century, which set the directions for further changes in the pre-school area. The article was prepared on the basis of available historical sources in the form of specialist press, guides, and methodological manuals, as well as analysis of the literature on the subject. The work identifies and distinguishes innovative views and methods in the field of former pre-school education, which may constitute a form of contemporary pedagogical inspiration. The aim of this article consciously combines two important aspects, i.e., acquiring historical knowledge and its modern applications. The text discusses the history of pre-school education in Poland in the 20th century and shows its reminiscences in contemporary social and educational space. The text is an attempt to show the importance of pre-school education in the modern system, and drawing the reader’s attention to the achievements of Polish preschool education in the context of changes and needs of society in the area of care for pre-school children. The article is not an exhaustive study, but rather a contribution to considerations in this area.

The trend of females’ admission into the Nigeria correctional services in contemporary Nigeria

Author: Christiana Ebobo Urowoli
Institution: National Open University of Nigeria Jabi-Abuja
Year of publication: 2022
Source: Show
Pages: 128-142
DOI Address:
PDF: rop/20/rop2009.pdf

Females are being involved in crimes and admitted into the correctional services all over the world. However, the trend of these admissions may differ according to the situations on ground. This study therefore aimed at examining the trend of females’ admission into the Nigeria Correctional Services within 2005–2016. The study is longitudinal in nature. It adopted the situational theory of crime as its theoretical framework. Hence it made use of secondary sources of data collection such as the National Bureau of Statistics official report, Nigeria Correctional Services Reports, academic journals and current Newspaper reports. Data analysis was based on content analysis. The study revealed that the highest number of females admitted into the correctional services within the period of study was 13,472. It also revealed that within the period of study, a cumulative total of 82,556 females were admitted for various types of offences into the correctional services across the nation. It identified and arranged in order of frequency 11 types of offences that females were mostly admitted for and identified sedition as the least offence females were admitted for. The study therefore, recommended that poverty, unemployment, inflation, corruption of the ruling classes and governmental aids to bandits should be discouraged if crime must be curbed.

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